About us

Kerala Vanavasi Vikasa Kendram (KVVK) is a registered organization working since 1979 in Kerala is affiliated to Akhil Bharatheeya Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram,Mumbay. KVVK had district committees and local groups all over the state and state committee is monitoring the whole activities.

Aiming on the whole side development of the vanavasis the organization has gave Education as its most primary concern. Now we had four hostels for school students two for boys and two for girls in Trivadrum, Kozhikode and Wayanad districts. For developing the basic schooling standards of little children KVVK had started One teacher schools in colonies. Along with this we are running a U.P level school at Kaniyambetta, Wayanad. Other than this we had started sports centers, awareness classes and helpdesks in different colonies. People's action for Educational and Economic development of tribal People (PEEP) is the special effort of KVVK for the development of most deprived Paniya tribe.

In the history of Kerala tribes had their own contributions. The first personality from tribes who had accomplished as a martyr for the Mother land is Thalakkara Chandu the leader of Kurichya army during the period of PashassiRaja. Second man is Karinthandan a Paniya chieftain who had visualized the ghat route of Thamarassery to Wayanad. He also was killed by Britishers. In the year 1812 Kurichyas of Waynad had fought against British Colonial power and tried to free Wayanad from them. Under the banner of KVVK and PEEP we are conducting Thalakkara Chandu Dinam (Nov15th) and Karinthandan Smruthi Yathra( 2nd Sunday of March) regularly for remembering these unsung heroes.


The goal of Vanavasi Vikasa Kendram from its inception has been to constitute an integrated vanavasi samaj free from exploitation, self-dependent, elevated and progressive on the strength of their own moral, patriotic leadership which shall become one with the main stream. This shall be done on the strength of the nation's own people, their will and funds. It is to achieve the above mentioned goals that there are projects and sponsoring of different programmes,